Trump and Not Clinton


Today, the world woke up to learn that American citizens elected Donald Trump, and not Hillary Clinton, for president .
Given that democrats preferred the war and bomb-like Clinton against Bernie Sanders and republicans (more cleverly) Trump instead of long time, ultra conservative politicians, US citizens had no choice but the lesser evil.
I have to clarify that from my part (in social media and through TWTP) I have supported Sanders, while I stopped any effort after Clinton’s election for democrats’ candidate.
Not all people are that strict though.

While journalists, experts and analysts are trying to decode as much as to predict, world leaders stay numb and disappointed because their “preferred” candidate has not been elected.
They are also probably preparing their plans under the (unexpected?) facts and, at some time, their congratulation messages.
At the same time, people outside not less that inside the US would better be aware that they will suffer the consequences of Trump presidency, instead of Clinton presidency.
As simple as that.