Hello and welcome,

In 2011, after leaving my previous job, I decided that it was about time to make an old dream come truth. So, I enrolled a two-year journalism school. A few months after the end of the first year, I became member of the team which publishes a Greek weekly newspaper of low tirage but of high moral and ethics. My participation became a second and precious journalistic school for me.

The opportunity I had and the articles I was writing, allowed me to broaden my knowledge and information about international affairs and to set up a solid database and archive which since, I constantly expand and enrich.
I remained at this nice newspaper and continued writing articles about international news and affairs, presenting, analyzing, and researching, at least as much as our means allowed, for two and a half years.

Nevertheless, I never stopped dreaming to work abroad and to collaborate with international Media and/or to create something beautiful, useful and unique.
In March 2015, when our collaboration came to an end, I decided to start this (my third) website in which I continue my journalistic work in English language.

Its name, The World The People …and the truth, is my attempt to merge into the title everything that not only describes my interests but also includes interrelated concepts.

The World is the common “house” and ground of interest of The People despite the borders, the different countries and cultures. The local or regional problems affect us all, one way or the other and are in fact common.
The People are the most important asset of The World, and our lives are more connected than it seems. And finally, a journalist’s work is to seek and reveal …the truth which is a common goal of The People and unites us all – despite views to the contrary.

In The World The People …and the truth, I try to promote and to present issues which are not necessarily “breaking news” but they affect (or could affect) people’s lives.

Here, I publish researches, analysis and opinion articles, commenting and personal views. Meanwhile, some of my articles published here or other works may appear in other Media.

Your participation with commenting will be valuable.

My other two websites are: Climate Change – Human Case, in which at first I posted my thesis in Greek language. Over time I decided to republish mainly English interesting articles, which promote the Human Case of Climate Change, environmental issues and news about GMOs market, interests and legislations.

My first site, womaneveryday, was created a few months before deciding to study journalism – and probably contributed to this decision. I write in it mainly in Greek and it includes my articles, comments, translations or postings of my journalistic work.

Happy to have you here,

Elisabeth P

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Happy to have found your site. It is good to know that in many corners of this world there are people like you who try to develop thinking and feeling in such a connected way. It is encouraging, best wishes for your own encouragement and writing.

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    • Thanks for your message!
      “dray0308” of Dream Big, Dream Often is to be thanked, by me as well. Although I read and write mostly news and commenting of world politics, your article about social anxiety led me to your other one, about depression, which is a very interesting issue and a disease plaguing lots of us, the people, whether know it or not.
      Definitely you caught my attention!

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