The Cult of the Professional Class

Much more than an environmental article and perspective.
Because everything in life and on planet is interrelated.

by Kristine Mattis Source: CounterPunch

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. — Albert Einstein …

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When the 99% feels and writes as if it were the 1%


It’s been a few years now that I participate groups and discussions in certain social media, mostly motivated by interest in exchanging views and broadening of horizons as far as it concerns issues of politics, economy and international affairs which are all within my favorite issues and I write about them.

Occasionally, I comment, answer or “like” -or, just read and “return page”.
It has been a while since the boundaries between express of opinions and clear propaganda seem to merge.
Although, in theory at least, almost any opinion deserves to be respected, the Media’s, well-recognizable-when-we-see-it, brain washing seems to have invaded and established in people’s minds.
I wonder: Do these people who reproduce what they watch on TV or read in mandated Media and simply because they watch it in TV or read it in mandated Media, reproduce it, have deeply though of and about it?
In the second case (of just reproducing), they should be hired by those Media.
If they are not hired and paid, it means they are fools.

The “reproduction” and the “parroting” of manufactured views by centres of interests, lobbies, administrations and their Media, is not good for brain health; furthermore when, within this infinite universe called “web”, all views appear and can be reached.
In which way someone has to copy and paste in his mind the very same viewpoints which centres with completely different than his interests, express and support (financially and through propaganda)?

It would be totally understandable for me, I repeat, if these persons were paid by the “centres of interests”.
That would at least mean they share the same interests with them. But, the supporting of wars, sanctions against countries, the involvement in other countries’ internal affairs or the demonization of nations and nations’ administrations, in which way do they work to your benefit, you, member of the 99% of the people?


Dear 99% member,

You probably cannot and won’t realize that, taking for example, Russia violates certain citizens’ rights is not your (paid or not) job to worry about. It is not your job to support sanctions. Furthermore, it is not your job to post your “critical” and biased questions about the Russian firms’ prices and conditions of buying or selling -or whatever- oil to other countries.
Has anyone objected your country’s policies whichever country this might be? Why do you do that?
Instead of throwing mud just defend human rights when they are really violated and not when the system tells you they are violated.

And, (so to say) dear anyone among 99%,

You, who you feel like “freeing” e.g. Cubans or Venezuelans or Iranians from their administration and governing system; Have you ever thought that it is your country’s (and I don’t mean USA alone but also their allies i.e. subordinates as well) which imposes inhuman measures which make people suffering and seeking to flee their countries? If you feel like being “obedient” don’t worry; You can always direct your goodwill to black people who fight against discrimination (yes, in 2015!). Alternatively, you could worry about workers who fight for a decent living (above $15/hour or € 400/month).
Even better you could worry and write about the right to be alive and to avoid genocide and to have a homeland in Palestine or to have rights of expression in Israel.

(Not so) dear anyone,

Instead of joining these who promote their profits and interests, try to find out your place in the world. (I do not write your “social class” because I know that you have been taught not to consider class as “discrimination factor” -though it is, whether you accept it or not). You are not a tycoon (although you think you could be); you are not an “oligarch” (although it is just the same although you cannot discriminate the notions), you are not rich and (sorry to inform you) you will not become rich no matter how many years you live.

So, open your mind. It is the least you can do for yourself. We, all the others who are aware of your naïvety, can think far beyond the boundaries of your own mind which are set by systems and systems’ interests.
You are (to your and our great disappointment) one of us.
You are simply lacking in thinking and empathizing ability.

If I “look” like outraged it is because I am. If President Obama needs Luther’s “translation” and after all outgrow it, why shouldn’t I use my writing as a means of sharing and relief?
I tried hard to avoid citing names or brands (more out of unwillingness to promote than out of any respect).
On the other hand, I cannot think of any common ground between the ones who intervene into countries’ governments and nations’ affairs (would it be Iran, Syria, Libya, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Ukraine, North Korea and finally any other country, without resistance from an obedient government) and an ordinary person. It is beyond my comprehension.

“Well, don’t follow or participate”, one could suggest.
Thanks but, if I would say nothing, I would follow the rule which says that:
When one feels uncomfortable, worried or outraged, it would be a sign of turning a blind eye not to add a different voice; at least from time to time and even with the perspective to be ostracized from groups and discussions.