Be careful! Microsoft monitors, tracks, detects and locates you!

I must be living a nightmare!
Being in another country, I tried to reach my two email accounts held with #Microsoft (#hotmail and #outlook).
They have
#blocked me out and they demanded for a code which I had set to receive to the other one of each two blocked accounts. A complete dead-end.
I have been obliged to acknowledge to them my mail address with #yahoo and after eleven (11) interrogations, #personal data, telephone Nr – which I have refused repeatedly to provide to them -, names and email of my contacts, which I didn’t remember anyway, I could only answer the security question which I had set at the opening of the damned account.
The result is that they instruct me to open a new account!!!!
Does anyone know if there is any organization which controls these unethical practices?
Please inform!!
I will denounce them with all my means!!
THIS IS a violation of #civil_rights and the real #terrorism by #Microsoft!
Its history and its unethical practices in various levels is the proof and their monopoly is blackmailing.
That’s their message after my numerous attempts and their dictatorial rejections:
“Your security is important to us
Recently, we received several requests to gain access to …… [the same was sent for ……]. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your ownership using the information that was provided. Microsoft takes the security and privacy of our customers very seriously. We are committed to protecting your personal information, and our careful account recovery process is intended to protect you from any possible malicious activity.
Now what?
Because there have been multiple unsuccessful recovery attempts for this account, we recommend at this point that you create a new account. It’s quick and easy, and we have tools to help you import contacts, connect with Facebook, and even receive messages from multiple email accounts.
> Open a new account
With a new account, you’ll be able to use the following services across all of your devices:
Best-in-class email with unlimited storage at lightning speed and serious security.
Stay connected with friends and family, see social updates and chat with Facebook friends, and make ordinary moments memorable with video calls.
Free online storage for thousands of docs and photos, shared your way.
Don’t get locked out again
Once you create a new account, we highly recommend you update your password reset information with a phone number or alternate email address. This will make it easier for you to gain access to your account in the future if you are locked out again.
> Open a new account
Thank you
Microsoft Support Team
Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
Account recovery request 210775911 is now closed. Please do not reply to this message. Replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox.”

The traps of the world domination

The aim of world domination is full of traps for the wannabe dominator and suffering for the people.

Together with welcoming you readers and, hopefully, permanent (free) subscribers of this effort-blog, I esteem that the first approach-article, should better be an overview rather than a specific event.

In this historical, in multiple levels and countries, period of the world, “things happen” with such a speed that makes it difficult for the people to follow and perceive the whole picture. Each region and each country confronts their current issues in politics or economy and, in disproportionate analogy, life and death, peace and war, living or surviving.

On another level, the “global routine” of politics and diplomacy goes on by handling, managing, manipulating or planning the next day or days.

In this frame, a number of war fronts remain open or are being created under the need (or the pretext) to stop other wars, restrain the spread of “universal enemies”, namely extremists, killers, haters but nevertheless, ex-allies and “by-products” of older political expediencies.

In a book I read a long time ago, Still Life with Woodpecker (1980), Tom Robins recounts (my translation from the Greek edition): “Once upon a time, Hawaii had problem with rats. Then, someone came up with a brilliant idea; Import mongooses from India. Mongooses would kill rats. It worked. Mongooses killed indeed rats. Mongooses killed chicken, piggies, birds, cats, dogs and toddlers. There were witnesses about mongooses which attacked motorbikes, electric lawn machines, cars of golf and others. Hawaii now has more mongooses than the rats it had in the past. Hawaii exchanged its problem of rats with a problem of mongooses. But Hawaii was determined not to allow something like this happen again”.

Sadly as much as alarmingly, USA (mainly and more than any country or coalition) does not seem to share the knowledge of Hawaiian lesson. American politics, policies, and as a consequence, their strategic alliances, insist in attempting to extinct rats with mongooses. In the present, alike with the near or distant past, they “plant” exterminators, oppositions and enemies of their enemies. As a result, the “crop” are threats and fear, fundamentalism and terrorism. Iraq, Libya, Nigeria and Ukraine (for example) share this same denominator. Friends, shadowy friends, pawns and tools of a certain conjuncture and need, are possible threats of the day after tomorrow. Sad as much as non wise.

The story goes on (and on) all over the world and one of our aims is to present, to synthesize and to analyze the interrelation between the facts, their source and their consequences – hopefully.